Tru Essential Facial
Using products from our Tru Self Skincare line with natural and organic ingredients this is the first step in good skin care. Includes deep pore cleansing (extraction), ultrasonic skin brushing exfoliation, two treatment masks, and massage of the face, neck, decollete, and hands.
60 minutes               $85

Tru-Essential Mini Facial
Using our Tru Self Skincare line with natural and organic ingredients. Does not include extractions.
30 minutes               $50

Custom Ultrasound Facial
The newest technology in ultrasound therapy helps gently rid the skin of dead cells and impurites. Safe for all skin types: Acne, Anti-Aging, Menopausal, Sensitive Skin.

60 minutes                  $85

Ultrasound Facial with Stem Serum
This facial integrates Stem Factor Liposomal Growth Factor Serum. This special serum delivers the most advanced ingredients through stem cell growth factors to begin DNA protection and repair.

60 minutes                  $95

Facial Infusion Peel (non acid peel)
Our facial infusion is a non acid peel that gently resurfaces the epidermis by feeding it to encourage cellular renewal and dermal remodeling. It will normalize your skin tone, heal red or inflamed areas on the skin, lift hyper pigmentation, reduce fine lines, improve elasticity and increase firmness. The facial infusion has no alpha/beta hydroxyl acids and can be used throughout the summer months with no worry of potential hyper pigmentation.
60 minutes                  $130

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